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Sunday, 10 March 2013


Yay back to more vintage clothes ~!!

In just a second... :3

Recently I've been getting more into Lolita-kei styles.

[Here's some background]
I am really into Japanese street styles
, not very surprising I know, but if you're new here I just thought you should know that.

(o ̄ ̄o) 

There are different styles and I've never been into labelling my own style but I like mixing around with these ones because the basis is to look kawaii rather than cool. And that's just me ~ I'm not cool at all. (⊙3⊙)

I first got into Decora ~ a long time ago. Internet rules state 'pics or it didn't happen' but I honestly can't find any. (≧▽≦) Decora means 'decorate' and is about decorating yourself with loads of accessories and colours.

I'm mentioning decora because sometimes I like to mix a little decora with lolita and fairy-kei styles.

Lolita comes in many different forms ~ Gothic lolita is a common one. A lot of frills, lace, corsets, big skirts, parasols ~ dressing like a doll. Pastel Lolita is my own personal favourite. ^^

Fairy-kei seems pretty new in comparison, it's basically pastel colours and childish things ~~ yaaayyy!!
ANYWAY ~ background over. 

Rokit have been getting in some older dresses ~ so I treated myself to a dress and some new shoes.

And from that comes my first attempt at lolita with an outfit entirely from Rokit [bar tights] 
 ~(•ε • ~)

Liz Claiborne silk head scarf ~Rokit

Mickey+Minnie Mouse gold chain ~Rokit

Mint lace dress + cowgirl boots ~Rokit

Fluffy backpack with ears ~also from Rokit Still not sure what animal it is ~ I say rabbit, my other half says moose (!) and some of my friends say koala.

It was so fun being a little lolita ~ someone at the shop said I looked like a Polly Pocket *day made* hehe !! (≧◡≦) 

So please let me know what you think ~ I'll be posting this to my lookbook.nu too ~~!!
HERE IT IS <-clicky


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  1. I nominated you for a versatile blogger award! heres the link: http://roseandvintage.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/versatile-blogger-award.html

    you might not see this comment but I thought this was the best way to tell you haha!
    love your blog :) x