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Saturday, 26 January 2013


So my hair has been 2 different lengths, with blinding bangs, and Ahoge.

That one hair sticking up out of place on Hatsune Miku [common in a lot of anime] ~ that's Ahoge.
Literally comical.

Luckily in London there are always salons looking for hair models, they come into the shop a lot and ask to cut my hair a lot ~ I guess I stand out as my hair is that bad blue...

I was a little reluctant to get it cut because believe it or not I was trying to grow it long... (>_>) But you can't have both bleached and long hair when your hair is naturally very dark and thick like mine ~ it's just been snapping away at the edges ever since it's been bleached so this happened~~~~

And here's what I think I look like~~~~

Howl from Howl's Moving Castle.

A Medieval Boy.
That fashion designer from The Invincibles. 

 Blergh I'll get used to it. ;P


Saturday, 12 January 2013


You know it right?

It's Ian Dury & The BlockHeads of course! 

I've had this T-shirt since I was about 4 and I can't believe it still fits ~ must of been like a dress on me back then...
Or it grows with me. (o_0);

My friends used to say that this was my own personal helicopter landing pad... err thanks guys... :P

I teamed it up with a little gathered skirt and my comfy cardy... yes I'm still asleep.


Also I added crazy~cute~clips to my twin-tails because I like to be kawaii like that.
The clips are from Kawaiigoods.com. (^-^)


Friday, 11 January 2013


What?.... eh?... erm is that a forehead I see?

Yep... well my bangs are getting too long to wear with my kitty frames so it's one or the other until I get a hair cut. ~So Annoying~ I used to only have to get a hair cut 2wice a year... now it's like once a month...

unless I cut it myself but then it's like

So this is how I'm rockin' it ~ welcome to the world after a year of darkness, my forehead !! 

And here is another awesome t-shirt from Rokit ~ it's Mickeys all the way down !!

Random Kawaii burger and ice-cream tote bag + domo-kun plush key chain....
 ...And I'm ready for work !! \(^o^)/


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

OUTFIT POST #11 :: uchujin//Kawaii

Uchujin means Space Alien~
Kawaii means cute~
Put it together and you've got my excuse to be a fashion weirdo with pastel colours [and wear my new sunglasses ~ I lovelovelove them!].

I'm also sporting my beloved Street Fighter T + my blue glittery mermaid leggings. This is such a summer/beach look but I just really really want it to be spring now~! \(>3<)/

Hair bow - YSL Fabric Sample [Rokit]
T-Shirt - TKMAXX [would you believe]
Baseball sweater ~ Leggings ~ Necklace - Rokit !! [Of Course]
Socks - The T-Shirt Store
Shoes - Converse


Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Happy 2013 Everyone~! <3

Hope you all had a magical NYE
Magical = sparkles !!

Here's how some of us Rokit shop girls got our sparkles on~

Hanna (left) has a silver glitter polo neck that shines through her loose knit jumper + Natasha (right) has a gorgeous sequin dress, with a contrast-casual-cardigan.

Who's that weirdo in the middle?
My sparkles can be found here ~!

And this is our lovely Sophie who kindly acted as the paparazzi 
Don't let the hand gesture fool you ~ she's super sweet.

So there you have it kids, sparkles are for life ~ not just for Christmas !! We still have some sparkles/glitters/sequins left in store some come check them out! ;D

And a Big Big Thanks to all my readers ~ watch out for more kawaii kawaii this 2013 !!